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As of April 8th to July 15th I am on Grouporder/Selling/WhateverIfeellike hiatus to study for the JLPT and to receive friends who're visiting me. I will continue to update the Zero Figures and all other figure group orders, as well as continue selling to those who have had arrangements made beforehand. Basically doing whatever the hell I want hiatus >___>

Over and Out <3

UPDATING MY JOURNAL 5/14 I've kept open sale links open and won't edit them until very last.

ALSO - Because I'm not all there when I answer back to people, didn't realize that replying to an LJ email will not send the reply via LJ anymore, if that makes any sense? Idk, I haven't been getting the reply in this email feature to work anymore for LJ, but since some of them went through, I'm trying to figure out who hasn't heard from me yet. Soooo, if you received double PMs or something through me, sorry D:

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Ugh, felt motivated to get back to people (I know I've been totally awol for at least the past month) tonight but I'm seriously D: over some of my messages, because I know I didn't receive an email notification for them. I didn't think I had that many people to get back too.

This past weekend I finally opened up the box of doujin from Tokyo. I was supposed to have off Tuesday, and I planned to go through the whole box and write up a list and make sure people still wanted their books after this time (my fault, not others, so completely acceptable), but I was too depressed that morning that I called work and begged them to let me come in and take my vacation day another day.

This is where I get all depressing.

Not to be all, blaaah, woe is me, but one of my best friends passed away last Thursday. Her car hit a truck head on and she passed away from injuries. She was a really great person and a lot of our interaction was through volunteer circles.

So, yeah. If I seem kinda not chatty in my return comments/messages/emails, sorry. I love you all, I'm just trying to get shit done.

I mean, I was already pretty depressed before (with my procrastinating and focusing on just alpacas) but I'm all freaking hormonal right now. Even thinking about last Thursday is getting me teary-eyed and emotional. Thank god I'm in public and shame is keeping me from bursting into tears.

I haven't said anything to anyone in real life about it, except one person, but it was on gChat. Does it make sense I can't even say it out loud? Fuck, I'm such a mess. I couldn't even get it together to go on the dates I had scheduled.

But, yeah. Getting back to everything.


OMG, my Japanese friend is the bestest in the world. Not only did she come over with a cake to surprise me tonight, but she bought me a Japanese prepaid credit card.

She's coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me get ready and to set it up for me. This means I can finally use MBok. Suuuuuuuper excited. Still meh about YJA, though as you never know what you'll get when it comes to prices. If we can get it to work, I'll reimburse her the amount on it, and if not, she'll take it back to the bank and cash it in. Super woot.



That's right. 3 dates. 3 different guys. Set to go down in the next two weeks. I've been trying online dating for the past month and these are what I've gotten set up.

Guy 1 - American. From the Air Base. Seems sweet. He's got 7 years on me. Been messaging with him back and forth for the past month and he hasn't asked for me to send nude pictures yet, so he's a plus in my book so far. Has a job! We've made plans to meet next Sunday morning for brunch, and he seems totally cool with signing me on to base to do so (since I'm not affiliated with the base). After he has to run to volunteer at the air show. But that's cool! Bonus - he's fucking good looking.

Guy 2 - Japanese. Lives in the next prefecture. 2 years older than I am. Likes cats. Owns a cat. He's coming up for the airshow! Told me he has family in the area. Wants to take me to a movie after the airshow. A Japanese movie! Doesn't seem like a creep. More surprised he asked if going to a movie would be something I would like to do with him - normally, my experience with Japanese guys is that I always have to bring up what I like continuously if I want it to go anywhere. Bonus - he's Japanese, so I don't have to play translator! He can actually do shit without my help!

Guy 3 - American. Fresh off the airbase plane. I'm a year older than him. I'm sort of meh about him, actually. I've played this game before; we'll go out to a local festival Friday, and I'll have to hold his hand while he enters the big scary world that's Japan and not the comfort of his airbase dorm. Con - fresh off the plane. Probably his first time being deployed abroad. Probably his first time abroad, in general. Since he just got here, he's probably housed in the dorms, and trust me, those walls are thiiiiiiiiiiin. I hope I'm just being cynical, but while he seems nice, I just can't stop thinking about my other fling from the Air Base.

So yeah. Not to happy about Guy 3, but the first two guys have been amazing to chat with. And, honestly, I've been sort of depressed lately, and THANK FREAKING FREAKINGTY FREAK I am meeting new people. This is exactly what I need to get out of my funk.

I have no idea what to wear though, for next week. I don't give a fuck what guy 3 thinks of me, as I'm only really going out with him as practice for Sunday. I was going to go to the beach today and get some sun on my skin so I look all glowy (if I get a little burned, it should fade by next weekend) for meeting two guys on Sunday, but I can't muster the energy to get up right now from my spot in front of my fan. It's too hot.

Clothes shopping though! Maybe I'll go clothes shopping instead and pick out a new outfit to wear.

Is it too tacky that I'm meeting with two different guys on one day? I mean, now that I'm thinking about it....I would probably be skeeved if a guy did that to me. But Sunday is will be my only day off in the next 21days (thank you, work) , and meeting at night is difficult.


Came in to school today to find out we have a new student transferring in!

We're having our morning teachers meeting in the gym so she can introduce herself in front of the whole school.

(I know people probably see transfers happening all the time in anime/manga/dramas, but it's really quite unusual at the JHS level this late in the school year.)

Summer vacation officially ended when I walked in the door to work this morning D:



OMG, this past week was crazy. So, besides my BOE jumping down my throat, my friend has been staying with me, and it was so freaking difficult getting stuff done with her here because I only have one internet line and she had to always be entertained.

This morning she left, and I'm like, "YEAH." Love her, but I'm so used to being without a roommate, it was really weird having her here for a week and my space was starting to feel cramped. Not to mention, my BOE wasn't happy at all that I had a friend over, even though it doesn't effect them at all, so like, total confusion on why they cared, but I was told Friday that I always need to tell them when I have a guest staying in my apartment....

And, I have all these books for people, too, so I hope people didn't mind too terribly that I had to wait to get back to them.

(alll the money I spent this week too, keeping my friend occupied makes me feel gross. She also didn't bring enough money for the things she wanted to do, so I had to lend her a couple of man >___>)

Where work tries to screw over my holiday

Supervisor: "Riiiiiisa-san."
Me: "Hai?"
"Come to festival."
"Fun. Tanoshiso. Day ha?"
"Gomen. Sorry. Dekinai. Not this weekend. Oyasumi nenkyuu vacation! Tokyo trip. Nan omiyage ga hoshi ka? What Tokyo present is good for office?"
"But. But. This is work. Monday ha daikyuu. Monday off. Oyasumi. For Sunday festival."

I feel like screaming. I told my supervisor I wanted off for tomorrow so I can go to Tokyo for a three day weekend. Said I would be back to work this Monday. More than a month ago. I took nenkyuu. Booked my tickets. I go for a full 8 hours on Sunday to this stupid festival, and while I get Monday off, it screws up every freaking thing.


Seriously thinking about throwing a mini passive aggressive fit about this. Wondering if it's worth it. GUH. I could be working in Osaka right now.

Literally just told me. Less than 5 hours before I need to board the bus to leave.

Issues. I have them :/ My supervisor doesn't speak English, so a lot of our conversations are in broken Japanese/English. I usually reiterate everything I say in English because he recognizes certain phrases. Our office technically has a "translator" but his idea of translating is having me slow down so he can enter every word I say into an electronic dictionary.

Love my job. Hate my BOE.

Edit - I can have Sunday, my day off, if I take it as a vacation day. I have to use a vacation I can use my vacation. But since I didn't "work" on Sunday, I can't have that Monday off.

I have to take a vacation day.

My brain cannot comprehend this. How does this make sense? I'm thinking I might just cancel my whole trip all together. Or go down tonight still and shinkansen up Sunday morning to make it back in time for work.

Still can't comprehend this.

Goooooing to Tokyo <3

So, just a heads up - I will be away in Tokyo for the next 4 nights/3days. I will not be bringing my laptop, so I promise I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm like, so pressed for time before I leave tomorrow night.

I somehow ended up running a large group order this weekend. And while I don't mind, because of the huge demand and cost, I'm going to be looking for out of stock online and limited stock and cheaper gently used books first and then looking for the new books/easily obtainable books last. Whatever I don't find of the latter, I'll place an order from the online shops Wednesday, because there are a few books I want as well I know I'm probably only going to find online so I don't mind absorbing the costs for those.

Splitting it up that way, well, because honestly, I wasn't expecting the sudden influx of orders.

Combined cost of the books people have asked for so far is actually, make sure you're sitting down, 93,632YEN. Yes. 1,216USD.

I am not in the Japanese mafia. I will not be carrying around a wad of man to wave in the shopkeeper's face. So, yeah. I'm taking, like, half that with me and prioritizing. Rest can wait until Wednesday.

Tentative Schedule for Tokyo:
Friday (Tokyo) -
Dropping off some packages at the post office in the morning/mail a birthday card!
Alpacasso Store
Western doujin Mandrake (have to look up the directions again)
Night Bus

Saturday (Ishikawa) -
Group Hang out
Godiva Ice Cream
May be meeting up with another person from LJ
Night Bus

Sunday (Tokyo) -
Otome Road
Namja Town/Sunshine City
Mail everything out that I've accumulated in Shinjuku
Pick up a friend from Tokyo Station
Kotobukiya (I'm only 80% sure I will go)
Night Bus

I think I might switch the beach to Sunday instead, and do everything that involves shopping (except a run to Toranoana for Candyman) on Friday. It's allllllways so crowded in stores Saturday and Sunday, especially on Otome Road, and I don't want to deal with that.

So, yeah. Anything important, I might do 15/30minute runs in internet cafes to check my email, and I'll have my phone on me too, but I probably will be unreachable most of the time D: